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This is automated confirmation message that your funds received our (third party payment gateway) merchant vendor Card/Paypal payment processing service; you also received a notification mail from once transaction completed. We do not receive any cards/paypal accounts secret information. Beside we received your Order Number, Customer billing information, Email address, Payment type, IP address. IP address location. utilizes secure encrypted servers when requesting personal or account information. Always confirm you are on before entering any information. Please be aware that will never send an email requesting you to visit an unsecured or unencrypted web page to input personal or account information.

In an effort to minimize Multiway Info System Company losses due to fraud, review each sale through they are systems fraud and processes manually by representative within they are business day official time,

Monitoring carefully our each sale for fraud or something that perform any fraud, have some sophisticated tools tracking each sale, If representative determine this payment not have any problem there after will send mail about this payment status, we suggest you, please use correct billing information that you used on your paypal or card account, otherwise your payment will refunds automatically, however, we will let you know your payment final confirmation once representative clear about your payment. Please note that your payment will process by via Multiway Info System.

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