We are largest & powerful outsourcing freelancer company in Bangladesh. (Some company never change forever) We provide durable business relationship home-based online income opportunity around on Bangladesh. We are looking Facebook Marketing professional for various level facebook jobs, currently we provide various countries based fans increasing jobs, we focus on these countries: USA, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands and Asian countries.

You must meet all of the following requirements
All fans must have real 30+ friends and 4 photos
All fans must be aged 18 and over male or female
All fans must have status updated that go back max 15 days
Always add specific countries fans, that we are offering,

you must need manually request sending, we do accept any of software, script or other automated technology, please use only good practices for inviting fans. You will not be paid if Facebook account/pages are banned.
You must need to do various level fans increasing following…
01K fans delivery within 01 week
02K fans delivery within 02 weeks
03K fans delivery within 03 weeks
04K fans delivery within 04 weeks
05K fans delivery within 05 weeks
06K fans delivery within 06 weeks
07K fans delivery within 07 weeks
08K fans delivery within 08 weeks
09K fans delivery within 09 weeks
10K fans delivery within 10 weeks
You must need to ability daily up to 200 fans increasing to each page, if everything goes well, and then we will go ahead to other valuable Social media marketing, like twitter google buzz, myspace, linkedin, tumblr, digg, delicious, multiplay reddit and many more social network site jobs.

You must need to provide dedicate high experience service constantly. You need good experience to use Microsoft Excel and google docs for daily work increasing counting, You may require high configure desktop for our jobs, high speed Internet connection (256KB or higher), good headphone and daily maximum time communications with us, you must need to use alive one mobile contact number and we do not accept your call from many SIM card or other number, we can call you any time, you must need to turn on your phone 24 hours, because we can discuss any times.

We will make monthly payment when earlier month all of jobs will be finished in every month 2nd week at once or negotiable based, We are getting daily 100+ fans page orders; from our eCommerce site, we have 10 to 100 jobs for our each person every month. So you must need to perform for longer-term projects. If we're satisfied with your durable work performance, then we may work with you permanently many of years through our lifetime jobs company Multiway Info System. I hope you need to make money also our company needs to make money, for the reason that we should help you; you need to give us full support!
According to the work if you face any problem so feel free to ask me any question about this work. My company is always ready to help online about any one problem. Please read all instructions carefully, without reading this instructions you could not ask as similar questions again and again, always follow our terms and conditions and guideline, our company can anytime updates our terms and conditions, for future details connect via our support mail.