Online Jobs BD started captcha 1.2 projects since: 1st October 2007 and this project temporary down for system maintenance issue since: 14December’12, our captcha 1.2 server last reset was: 6-November-2012, we also completed previous all payment to our all workers on time, but 6-November-2012 to 14-December’12 total 38 days work payment we did not clear to our workers. Most recently get a notice from captcha admin this project may again start from 1st week August’13 and we wish to complete payment for previous 38 days work payment to all workers, currently our captcha 1.2 software connecting with server as well and showing count how much you was typed, so every users need to provide us every ID screen short like this format, Width 2 Inches, Height 1 Inches, Image Resolution 72 Pixels, format jpg, each file size 16~20 KB.screen short Image file name similar as your user name, it will be better if you provide us like this, first user number and second Dhaka, for example if you provide us | captchasolutions_dhaka330 | screen short Image file name then just type | 330dhaka | you must need to provide us individual screenshot how much ID you are used during 38 days, if some ID not have any entry then you can leave that, you can review all Captcha 1.2 User’s ID once completed taken all ID screenshot then create a zip file and send mail to us at: within next 7 days, then we will send a request to captcha admin for 38 days captcha 1.2 payment, your mail subject will be | 38 Days Captcha 1.2 Payment | don’t leave mail subject blank, If you leave correct subject and if you write mixed language, broken or unclear message, then your mail will be ignore, so always send mail carefully at: however, if within 1st week August’13 not run captcha 1.2 projects any way, then we are developing our own new captcha server as early as possible. So don’t worry about you are disconnecting with Online Jobs BD, and we appreciate your patience and stay with us.if you face any problem about understanding above all message, don’t forget to contact us by mail or hotline

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